Rigid 246 Chain Cutter (Victor, NY) $200. Box 688 Ratcheting System ensures quick and simple cuts. Its larger chain can also cut 4 in. "''&KD))+@A//\\020}~\\023\\026\\025z{\\035\\032\\032wp\\030\\034\\037lmn\\02" + Wheeler MFG CO. Rex Commercial Cast Iron Chain Pipe Soil Snap Cutter. Wheeler-Rex XH ratchet chain pipe cutters consist of a chain that wraps around heavy duty cast iron pipe that is ratcheted tight until it is snapped clean. FACOM 335.25. "0\\017\\016c\\034\\006\\004\\0100\\031\\032\\031\\010\\037\\033\\014\\001\\" + Wheeler-Rex ratchet chain pipe cutters consist of a chain that wraps around a pipe that is ratcheted tighter and tighter until it is snapped clean. View All Press Tools; Press Jaws for … Wiss products have been earning their reputation for craftsmanship and long life since 1848. Wheeler-Rex offers a full line-up of pipe tools for the construction, excavation and plumbing trades. var x="function f(x,y){var i,o=\"\",l=x.length;for(i=0;i\\\"!NO#$&KD..+,AB/\\022\\021~\\177\\024\\026\\0" + $0.00. In stock. "8_\\006\\007\\026\\002H\\013HPX\\034\\030FEG$%\\016' HL0]^wXYt[T^>:#!NO" + Great for gray water applications! (28) 28 product ratings - Genuine Silverline Expert Ratchet Plastic Pipe Cutter 42mm | 675073. 3 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - Ridgid Soil Pipe Cutter No.206 1-1/2" to 6" No Hub Soil Pipe … Flexible chain that wraps around the pipe and locks in place; Inside each link of chain is a small circular cutting wheels that creates even pressure from all sides and cuts into the pipe when the ratchet handle is rotated clockwise; Allows you to not only cut pipe in a ditch or … Ratchet Pipe Cutters. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Free postage. Ratchet Pipe Cutter . class 22 water main and 2 in. "I\\022\\030\",94)" ; C $218.30. Nerrad Adjustable Ratchet Action Copper/Inox Tube Cutter 12-35mm. RATCHET CABLE CUTTER. HOW WE USE COOKIES: We use cookies and similar technologies to improve our website, to personalize website content to you, and to deliver advertising messages and offers on content that are relevant to you.    1.This cutter is not for cutting steel tubes resin covered tubes,steel tube,cupper tube,and ropes. "\\001ooP=>PUU:;](^Z\\\\12YOAK\\010AX\\016KMEBKNM\\\"\\\\qp_Xh,[*UV2)2dd$#\\" + $494.98. Plastic pipe cutter ROCUT 160 set . Wheeler-Rex REED has improved the original design by providing stronger jaws and more durable adjusting screws which are interchangeable with the original tools. "26{t\\037\\030\\033pq\\031\\035\\000mn\\002\\007\\005jk\\017\\t\\ng`lr\\016" + Wheeler-Rex "26{t\\037\\030\\033pq\\031\\035\\000mn\\002\\007\\005jk\\017\\t\\ng`lr\\016" + "\\021\\035\\025F\\035\\034\\033H[\\036\\013O\\026ZRZN|J\\027)hy>6 22:'j$b>;" + Ratcheting Pipe Cutter 2" IPS Jackman Heavy Duty Ratcheting Pipe Cutter 2" IPS. )8\\017!47\\025\\\"p6soSKE[]ZE\\025\\004\\00" + 1.05-6 in. $0.00. Be aware that this will not work on double walled or stainless steel pipes. Share - 1.05-6 in. Click & Collect.   Ashtabula, Ohio 44005 Facom Tools Ratchet Plastic Pipe Cutter - 335.25.   Ashtabula, Ohio 44005 "\"OHI4KD+6,=:(\\177rpmy\\027\\026\\026{tjaznjuR\\006\\000\\002ohsdb}ubd\\01" + Manual Chain Pipe Cutters use a chain that wraps around the pipe you are trying to cut. Price $131.07. Period. Ratchet chain pipe cutters are similar to single-stroke manual chain cutters, but feature a ratchet-action cutting capability. You work hard. "G$%JHL!\\\"032_X357TU=8\\\"!NO#$&KD..+,AB/\\022\\021~\\177\\024\\026\\0" + // to 6 in., Ratchet Type Cut through clay, cement or cast-iron clay pipe and conduit easily with this manual pipe cutting tool. OX Pro Ratchet Copper Pipe/Tube Plumbers Plumbing Cutter Slice 15mm or 22mm. Pipe cutting without chamfering possible as cutter blade shaft can be mounted with 180° offset. "8_\\006\\007\\026\\002H\\013HPX\\034\\030FEG$%\\016' HL0]^wXYt[T^>:#!NO" + Our Tools. £16.99. Click & Collect. "0A\\027;1?j,wia3a~lbhb!h,~?H7J5%v6r4\\037/?7#\\"+ RIDGID 42878 Model 238-P Powered Soil Pipe Cutter, 8-inch Chain Pipe Cutter 4.6 out of 5 stars 30. $579.99. No-Hub Roller Kit is standard on all models. The cutter wheels embedded in the chain provide pressure from all sides and soon you’ll hear the “pop” sound that means your pipe has been snapped clean. Jackman Fusion Equipment www.jackmanfusion.com "01049:\\r\\016\\017\\010 Facom > Facom Pipework Tools > Facom 335.25 - Ratchet Plastic Pipe Cutter View larger. Wheeler-Rex ratchet chain pipe cutters consist of a flexible chain that wraps around the pipe and locks in place. Nerrad Spare Cutting Wheel Copper NT3015/3022. Add to Cart. Chain Ratchet Cutters.   3744 Jefferson Road Good tool (Exhaust & Tail Pipe Cutter) from GearWrench. "0\\r\\r\\000QA\\006:o.:e0plpgv\\1771~5fcbFNP\\013M\\030J\\n\\031\\022C\\025" + $452.10.   440-998-2788 Multiple use 1/2" ratchet wrench ships with SC49 models. £129.99. At only 17" (43 cm) long, the Model 226 is perfect for cutting cast iron, cement and clay pipe where space is limited. Once locked, you use the handles to ratchet the chain tighter and tighter around the pipe. View a wide selection of Plumbing and other great items on KSL Classifieds. Professionals are able to choose from a wide range of Wheeler-Rex pipe tools including pipe cutters, threading and grooving tools, pumps, vises, shut-off tools, … "tsr\\037\\030sww\\024\\025r\\017~~~\\023\\014cbc\\010\\t8\\013\\004ijk\\000" + Rex International USA, Inc. In stock. "\"OHI4KD+6,=:(\\177rpmy\\027\\026\\026{tjaznjuR\\006\\000\\002ohsdb}ubd\\01" + In stock on November 7, 2020. Toll-Free 800.321.7950 Languages "r\\006\\023\\000\\004\\003O\\027[\\r^\\002\\r\\034r\\\"m*g7.,<}x+`4p{NEPN\\" + "0\\r\\r\\000QA\\006:o.:e0plpgv\\1771~5fcbFNP\\013M\\030J\\n\\031\\022C\\025" + From United States +C $47.48 shipping estimate. Free shipping. C $346.67. 6 new & refurbished from £70.00. extra heavy-duty soil pipe. Facom 335.25 - Ratchet Plastic Pipe Cutter. (38) 38 product ratings - 42MM PIPE CUTTER RATCHET PVC VINYL PLASTIC TUBE CONDUIT PLUMBING PLUMBER TOOL 23.   1-800-321-7950 (Toll-Free)    Looking for GRIP-ON Ratcheting Cutting Action Chain Pipe Cutter, Cutting Capacity Up to 4-1/2 in (5MK42)? [CDATA[ Wheeler Rex 490 Ratchet Operated Soil Pipe Cutter - 26" Chain. Pre-Owned. "004F\\021A\\\\\\tC^QVY\\0268l'. Free postage. "-#% {dy9;qb'=t\\177wlQPN?FQXQM@^\\003KV\\005\\005\\027\\\\\\010\\027\\006AG" + JLA FORUMS | Classifieds | FOR SALE - California | FOR SALE - San Francisco and Bay Area, CA. //]]>, © 2017 Wheeler-Rex  |  Rex International USA, Inc.  |  www.rexind.co.jp  |  Privacy Policy, Internal Cast Iron Pipe Cutters / Capitol Style Cutters, 1/8"-1.1/4" Professional Snippers with PTFE Coated Blade 5191, 1/8"-1.5/8" Professional Ratchet Action Snippers 5291, 1/8"-2.7/16" Professional Ratchet Action Snippers 7291, 1/8"-1.5/8" Economy Ratchet Action Snippers 5295, Dies and Die Heads for Discontinued Machines, 300 psi / 21 bar, Manual Hydrostatic Test Pumps for Residential Water Lines, 1,000 psi / 70 bar, Manual Hydrostatic Test Pumps, 870 psi / 60 bar, Manual Hydrostatic Test Pumps, Direct Drive Triplex Plunger Hydrostatic Test Pumps, Direct Drive Coupled Triplex Plunger Hydrostatic Test Pumps, 98001 Valvemaster Portable Valve Exerciser, 98003 Valvemaster Portable Valve Exerciser, 6519 1/2" Square Male/Female Drive Ratchet, Chain for 6" Pipe with rollers for No-Hub®, Chain for 8" Pipe with rollers for No-Hub®, 6" to 8", 8" to 10", 10" to 12", 12" to 15", Kit to convert 590 Cutter to 591 No-Hub®. Toll-Free 800.321.7950 Languages !/ =N\\035\\004\\036\\035\\013\\005H" + Free postage.   P.O. The fastest way to cut cast iron soil pipe, clay pipe, and small diameter concrete pipe is with a chain soil pipe cutter. Unique ratcheting action operates like a socket ratchet but cuts copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and PVC. RIDGID 69982 Model 226 In-Place Soil Pipe Cutter, 1-1/2-inch to 6-inch Chain Pipe Cutter,Black/Red 4.9 out of 5 stars 25. There are several blades around the chain and therefore only a 100 degree rotation is required in order to make a complete cut. The ratchet action is done parallel to the pipe providing a definite advantage over other types of pipe cutters. "01049:\\r\\016\\017\\010