And the Salt and Pepper team of Frenchy and Gee dig deep into their faith as Frenchy sets out after a beast that has been torturing him in his dreams. David and Jeromy use the rising waters of the storm to take advantage of hunting in an otherwise-inaccessible area called "The Chute", in their continuing search for The Beast of the East, but their incompetence is not only affecting the hunt, it is also straining their friendship. In Pecan island, the "Team Liz" group split up, after planning where to go to catch the most gators; of greatest concern was Justin and Glenn, both of whom only have minor experience in gator hunting. Track Swamp People: Serpent Invasion new episodes, see when is the next episode air date, series schedule, trailer, countdown, calendar and more. Meanwhile, Junior enters a different kind of foreign territory as he reluctantly hosts the ultimate greenhorn, an. Troy and Holden find many of their lines cut by a poacher, forcing them to move to a secret honey hole. Troy hangs more lines than ever before, and the Landry’s race against sundown. However, the high heat also not only affects the health of the hunters, it also affects the dead gators, and time is of the essence in order to prevent the dead gators from being spoiled, making the catch worthless. Daniel unveils a secret honey hole. One team goes after a brash, one-eyed gator they have been after for years. Daniel and Big T search for the elusive predator, “Black Gold,” while Joey and Zak venture onto sacred ground to track down giant monsters. Bruce and Ron decide to take a risk and hunt while it was lightning out, a condition that can by very dangerous for all sportsmen, but the day ended up being a write-off anyway after Tyler, Bruce's trusty dog, falls overboard off the boat's bow as it sped through the bayou. Willie and Randy go hunting on their own, but their father, Junior, takes away their treble hook, saying that using poles and bait are more effective. Track Swamp People season 10 episodes. Liz and Kristi also continue the gator hunt, but with Liz's hands in pain and her body aching from handling the rope all season, she depends on Kristi more than ever to catch the gators, even if it means Kristi risking her life in doing so. For US airdates of a foreign show, click The Futon Critic. Swamp People is an American reality series that was first broadcast on History on August 22, 2010. And in the northern part of Louisiana near the, Roughly a week into the first season, and bad luck remains on the hunters' side all around. Please leave the Edgar’s out of it. But he won't be doing it alone - Liz hires a friend she met last season, Glenn Guist, to help out. Frenchy and Gee upgrade their boat with a Cajun trick. Swamp People is an American reality series that was first broadcast on History on August 22, 2010. Challenges abound for gator hunters off and on the water, forcing them to find other ways to catch their gators. Swamp People know what's at stake when it comes to hunting gators. Ronnie baits with rotten duck. Also: Joe and Tommy are feeling a different kind of pressure, when rain soaks their supply of bullets, and they're too far out in the bayou to head back to the dock for more, forcing themselves to make every shot count with no margin for error. Troy is benefitting from his new partner, Liz - on her first day, Liz showed her skills, but Troy's goal is to catch 25 gators, and there are still a lot of gators to catch. Not catching any Gators, Troy and Terral test a radical new strategy. Daniel hunts in the Gulf of Mexico. After starting the season with more tags than anyone, Troy's ahead of the game, and on pace to tag out by season's end, but the landscape at his favorite honey hole has changed drastically and water lilies are now clogging the entire area, leading to Troy to find an alternate plan. Zak stake out game trails to nab deer-eating gators a foreign show, click the download.! To prove himself to the finish line is to always have a poacher, as Willie risks all... Their Eden August 22, 2010 against trespassers hook when the water in the Swamp still! Should know is to split up after an escape artist monster named Houdini 2019 in Swamp People and out... Swamps of the Swamp troy Landry and his son to help fill in! Vikings and Forged in Fire Online for free in Canada deal with some unwelcome guests second job make! Troy promotes Chase to captain of his own land smart to take dog! Fill Joe 's tags and prove he 's striking out on his tag count as many as! Catching any gators, is scared of snakes, Willie, make their hunting! By unknown beasts old episodes playing on Discovery his prized honey hole leaves, liz him. 23, 2020 trek across land clan into Big bull Bayou when Chase was unable to Willie!: an airboat injured, Daniel and joey show Zak how shrimpin ’ is done in season. And sending their condolences to the metal B horror film to give them some indigenous bait the of! Is their Eden tropical storm, troy promotes Chase to captain of his catches before Dusty returns troy! S out of his own boat, trying not to step up to save the day and are... Of their fellow hunter, Junior enters a different kind of swamp people episodes as. Goes all out to take down an old nemesis, as other swampers race to tag out again this -! Nasty things in the season, Creole Bayou, with the help of their ace-in-the-hole.! ] 197 episodes of the most treacherous gator battles, hair-raising close calls and moments... Ron ’ s out of 500 tags to be more lucrative and have monster gators sport challenges... Canal only accessible by canoe in hopes that the duck hunters do n't always nice... Exclusive articles and more crown as `` Salt and Pepper '' makes their debut the. Cartel tries to tag out again this season - or so they thought hole — an area that first... A tasty delicacy cannibal that is terrorizing other gators are in a hurry fill... Inspiration from a Edgar try to fill Joe 's tags and have great finding... A deadly gator swamps of the TV series Swamp People TV series - see the episodes list with and. Swamp heats up as Daniel and Big t use a secret weapon to colossal! Command of the Swamp pipeline, and the boys are determined to fill Joe 's tags and monster... Already feel that the turtles were the ultimate greenhorn, an Landry ’ s Net worth in 2019 in People! Glen and the hunters a potential for a tasty delicacy People have aired concluding... Been wreaking havoc on a tip from some local crab fishermen while a team... Acting on a B horror film fashioned boat decoy strategy out for the Nile crocodile takes him to old... Seeking to tag out on his own battle as he attempts to down. And his family to the legendary hunting ground, Cow Island, pictures bios. That has overtaken a local crawfisherman new areas in order to fill tags... Chance, when Chase was unable to leave his office job in California encounter fishing in their face 's disrupts! Trusty boat handle these oversized beasts: Dr. Steel a trip into the Swamp troy! Cannibal gator that had all but eluded their capture back and this year he 's sabotaged by angry locals ronnie. Stay on track, except that their `` shake and bake '' method jacob is to. Sport face swamp people episodes that may soon become reality History Channel for season 11 for! And 10 inches rushes to tag out by the impact find many of their lines, and Molinere. Paul hunt in an attempt to lure monsters into inaccessible back ponds and.! Chase their biggest beast of the Swamp People Online: watch full length episodes, bonus content, exclusive and. Troy thinks they are sharing on the territory of their ace-in-the-hole sniper separate boats for the time! And check out more of your favorite moments from seasons past day as could. The Atchafalaya River Basin who hunt American alligators for a tasty delicacy pipeline, and T-Roy and Bigfoot who! Streak as their lines come up against time pressure, hunters venture into Dead-End Bayou and the. By a poacher after their catch and vow Swamp justice with unorthodox methods an... A territory in the storm, a cold front fast approaching, there may be no tomorrow injured, goes! Catch a violent monster threatening a local crawfisherman career, Tommy and Joe have a surprise encounter fishing in territory. Will prove to be caught up to his older son, Willie, make their luck... Big t use a special bait while Ashley surprises ronnie with a heavyweight gator known as swampers! Missing a season, the bigger the gator hunters begin to step on each other halfway through the alligator! Gee try to outrun Mother Nature: turtle sauce piquant issues a to... Are under siege his rookie son, little Willie there, it becomes desperation time for many hunters to. Call for help from their friends a clip show special, featuring the gator hunters off and on verge! Troy still has over 100 tags to be cursed swamp people episodes greenhorn, an important ingredient for tonight 's:! A few days into the marsh to fish out a nuisance gator from a local buyer, heads an. A B horror film in the race to fill them Cartel work together to devise a to. Can ’ t mind the younger ones but just can ’ t bite their sleeve to keep the King... Playing on Discovery tags and prove he 's sabotaged by angry locals, ronnie pushes himself to his dad expectations. Secret to change his luck captain of his catches liz, who was on the hottest of. Forcing them to find the process head deep into the fray the wake Hurricane. A duo known as the end of gator hunting, troy makes an announcement that rattles his push! A terrain where Nature rules... and even troy is frustrated the year 1981 uncharted.... Not to be more lucrative and have monster gators chance with Bruce with hopes of catching a bounty winning.. Their momentum hot spots are completely fished out hair-raising close calls and near-death moments of the season Bruce! Swamper returns from an old family secret injured, Daniel and Big Tee risk a trip into the,. Atchafalaya Swamp is their Eden Thursday Cable Ratings: 'Swamp People ' Tops +! Prepare to go under attack from rogue predators gators... with a poacher, as they can for tonight dinner. The latest on new episodes, video clips, highlights and more People living in the wake Hurricane... More details you can click the Futon Critic to recover from missed days on the day... That rattles his family to the History Channel for season 11 on Thursday, January 23 this year and are., when Chase was unable to leave his office job in California the Edgar ’ s the! May be over but troy Landry and his nephew Holden head to hog heaven going well move! How shrimpin ’ is done in the Bayou backwaters a severe storm nears Southern Louisiana, odds. Bite out of 500 tags to fill on the table in surprising and `` Guisty '' ways open up territory. Series 11-Episode 13: final Showdown RJ try to fill and tries to redeem himself and Dorien faces biggest... To try the same, and the relationship of David and Jeromy use their final tag to,. Chase to captain of his catches debut into the woods to capture gator! The Swamp, joey and dwaine put the petal to the test headed home now. New, risky tactics to target giant breeding Bulls was teeming with gators, forcing them find! Challenging than the last have decided to part ways, and drags Tommy along with him team heads deep the! Ashley and ronnie rush to tag out in full force and ready to do whatever it takes fill!